Old style fuse board

New Consumer Unit

Is it time to replace that old fuse board?

In the UK, it is common practice for domestic and small commercial installations to  have single-phase supplies at 230V. The main distribution boards in these installations are called consumer units (CUs), though they are sometimes still commonly known as fuse boxes. Older consumer units used fuses until the advent of mini-circuit breakers (MCBs). A consumer unit normally has a single horizontal row of  MCBs, and due to their configuration offer a much greater protection to the property owner.

Historic Fuse boxes 

A small number of pre-50's houses still have old style fuseboxes in service.

These should be treated with care due to their configuration often with exposed live parts.

This type of installation will not meet modern standards for electrical safety.

Earthing and bonding

For your electrical system to be safe  in the event of a fault occurring, electrical wires are placed in and around your property that are called ‘earth’ wires. These are commonly found in all plugs, cables, sockets and lights.

If a fault occurs these earth wires give the electricity a place to go and minimise the risk of electric shock.

In a modern home your gas and water supply must also be connected to an earth as their metal pipes conduct electricity. 

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